.uk domains now available, and many more too!

We're please to announce you are now able to purchase .uk domain names directly from the website. Use the search tool on our main page to search for them.

You can also search for:
co.uk, me.uk, org.uk, .biz, .com, .info, .name, .net, org, .bargains, .bid, .boutique, .cards, .careers, .cleaning, .clothing, .company, .contractors, .exposed, .industries, .ink, .kim, .marketing, .onl, .photography, .photos, .plumbing, .productions, .recipes, .red, .repair, .report, .shoes, .singles, .solar, .systems, .technology, .tienda, .uno, .watch, .xyz !

Cloud based hosting as standard!

We're please to announce our hosting is now cloud based. Always available, faster response and same great pricing. Existing customers will not need to do anything. No user action is required.

Our great Broadband speeds for May

Below are details of our broadband speeds on the 4th May 2012.

ADSL2+ 20MB Tariffs 12.5% of our customers receive connection speeds of 21.45Mbps or greater, 50% receive our average of 14.63Mbps. Our slowest connection speed on these tariffs is 7.73Mbps.

ADSL 8MB Tariffs 30% of our customer receive connection speeds of 7.71Mbps or greater and 60% receive our average of 6.6Mbps. Our slowest connection speed on these tariffs is 5.39Mbps.

The average speeds across all our connections - 18% of our customers receive a connection speed of 20.04Mbps or greater and 54% receive our average speed of 12.45Mbps.

The lowest speed all of our customers receive is a fantastic 5.39Mbps.

Connection speed is based on the speed your router connects to your local telephone exchange. The data speeds experienced may be slightly lower than your connection speed and will depend on several factors, such as 3rd party websites or technology restrictions, speed may also be reduce during peek times.

Hosting Now Available!

We've launched our new website and new hosting products too!

Up to 20Mb broadband now in Deeside & Mold

We can now offer up to 20Mb broadband from the Deeside and Mold exchanges! Check the broadband sections for rates and contact us for more details.